Richard Parker's Issues

As your councilman, my focus is on building a stronger, more equitable community. Here are six key areas I’m dedicated to addressing:


Affordable Housing Advocacy

Ensuring accessible and affordable housing options for all residents through strategic planning and collaboration with housing agencies and non-profit leaders in this field.


Education Reform

Fostering a supportive educational environment by advocating for increased funding, innovative programs, and equitable access to quality education. It also means better managing the resources that we do have.


Economic Development Plan

Implementing policies to spur local economic growth, attract new businesses, and create job opportunities for our residents. We must get rid of the red tape that makes development in Baltimore so hard and   time-consuming.


Public Safety Enhancement

Working closely with law enforcement and community stakeholders to implement effective, community-led crime prevention strategies and improve neighborhood safety. No more passes for bad behavior.


Infrastructure Improvement

Investing in critical infrastructure projects to enhance transportation, utilities, and public amenities for the betterment of our communities.


Environmental Sustainability Initiative

Promoting environmentally conscious practices and initiatives to protect our natural resources and foster a healthier, sustainable future for generations to come.
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